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Formware 3D Slicer Unlimited


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Please note this is a limited promotional discount partnership between MakerMarket and Formware to celebrate the release of .photon compatibility.

The licenses sold are an unlimited single license with forever free upgrades.

First come, first served!

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Lora T.
United States

FormWare 3D slicer

1. Great support generation, I LOVE the support generation. The supports do not run through the model. BUT im missing the option to do full / or from platform option? I cant find it. 2. Ability to make object hollow,With this I can make my object hollow if needed. Thumbs up on that. 3. Ability to see the how it will be sliced. I love the fact you can actually see the slice by layers. 4. More precise manipulation of the object. It seems you have better control of object tilting, Its easier to move object left / right / tilt / rotate. It seems more precise. There are more features that are useful. Although . Its a little confusing to set exposure times for different resins. So what I had to do is, Load object. position the object, Add supports. THEN export it back out as .STL. then Load it into the Photon slicer . Set my exposure settings. and then slice .. print :) wow.. lots of steps..BUT the object printed and did not fail.. I think the software interface needs to be easier to use, Or easier to understand / set exposure settings. But Overall its good software.

Lora T. verified customer review of Formware 3D Slicer UnlimitedLora T. verified customer review of Formware 3D Slicer Unlimited
A Customer
Curt P.
United States

VERY powerful, but get ready to invest some time!

It certainly takes a concerted effort to learn. HOWEVER, it is well worth the cost in time, effort, and the initial expense of the software! I LOVE the tree supports! I have been able to reduce the footprint of model support, thereby reducing resin usage by an average of 20%! That may not seem like much, but it certainly adds-up over a span of a couple hundred prints!

Nelson P.
United States

The Simplify3D for resin printers!

I just purchased this awesome ptogram yesterday, so by no means I am claiming I’m an expert user. However, in the short time I’ve been using it, I can say it is awesome! To put it simple, this software is equivalent to the amazing software Simplify3D for filament printers. So many options and features! Highly satisfied with my purchase indeed!

David S.
United States

Fantastic Product at a Fantastic Price

This purchase was fast, easy and I had my key within 5 minutes. The product itself is insanely good at what it does. Within 10 minutes, I had my profile setup, I had a part that I'd hollowed in the program (eliminating meshmixer as a program I use at the moment), which had drain holes in it, and perfect looking supports (which eliminated b9creator as a program I use period). I will warn you - slicing on this program is fairly slow. It takes a while. But...everything seems to come out great, and it eliminates my need to use the default Photon software, which is glitchy and annoying to use. Oh, and did I mention that manipulating supports and items in this program is a breeze? Because it is. All items, and all supports have a simple xyz slider tool that pop up when you select them and make it easy to translate and rotate with no fuss.

Michael Morgan

All in one tool

Finally there is a tool that does it all, there is no need to jump between programs. The tool feature set is rich everything you need to create a successful print. Once you have hollowed your model and added supports where you need them, you can save your work and make adjustments anytime you wish. Then off to the slicer, Formware has a slicer for the AnyCubic Photon. Great work Formware! -Mike